Not registrated useres can use this "Instant File Upload" to upload a car tuningfile for modification without registrating at V.PT ENGINEERING registration page. This service is only available for cars. If you wish to modify a truck or agrar file you need to registrate. The payment for this service is processed after the tuning before we send the file. Please take care that you have filled in all fields properly and all information is correct. After you have sent the file we will contact you to clear terms of payment and the wished modifications.
For more information you can contact us via Skype ("vmaxxperformance") or you write us an e-mail to info@vpt-tuningfiles.com. You can also use the contact form at the end of this site.



We offer high-end car tuningfiles for a reasonable price. You can order all from a normal stage 1 - stage 3 file over ecotuning up to individually programmed files to suit your needs - e.g. if you have modified your charger, exhaust, intercooler, injection nozzles. Also available are all kinds of sensor decodings: DPFOFF, EGROFF, Throttle Flaps off, Air Flow Meter OFF, SCR OFF, NOX off, Speed limiter off, deavtivate the ventilation system of the tank, second air off, lambda probe off, temp sensors off. Also possible is the deactivation of DTC codes.


We offer high-end truck tuning and decoding files. You can order tunes for all kind of trucks and ECUs. We cover all big and important truck and ECU brands. You can choose from Stage 1 - Stage 3 tunes and we also offer a separate ECO stage. We also offer all kind of decodings for trucks: DPF OFF, EGR OFF, SCR OFF, DTC OFF... We have solutions where you can also disconnect the decoded components if you wish to! Register at V.PT ENGINEERING today and load up your truck files for tuning or sensor decoding. Discover the V.PT Truck World...!


AGRAR Tuning is our passion! We offer dyno-developed (we use an EGGERS DYNAMOMETER) tuningfiles for agrar machines. Also here you can choose from Stage 1 - Stage 3 files and we also offer a separate ECO stage. Sensor decoding is also possible and available on agrar machines. We can offer DPF OFF, EGR OFF and SCR OFF on all AGRAR brands and ECU models. Our engineers constantly develope new solutions. Register at V.PT ENGINEERING today and load up your agrar files for tuning or sensor decoding. Discover the V.PT Agrar World...!



You search for an professional looking file upload for your website? Or you want to grow your own chiptuning franchise system but you have no plan of programming? We can help you with that. We don't offer you programming courses. But we can offer you a complete solution with website, upload and download plugins, file management and invoice plugins. V.PT does the whole business for you. The only thing you need to do is selling dealer packages to grow your business.



You have a chiptuning company and you don't just want to offer lists for your customers to check the performance possibilities of the customer's car? You think it looks cheap and is easy to copy for others? You are right! We have the solution for you. We offer a complete database API for your website which can easly be installed on your Website. The API is hosted by our experts and all data is updated twice a month. You can choose how it should look and what colours you wish to use...



You are looking for chiptuning hardware or you want to change your file deliverer that is coded to your slave unit? We offer master and slave units of the most important producers: Dimsport, Alientech, CMD and FG Tech. If you are an existing slave customer from another tuner and you want to switch over to V.PT Engineering you need the "OK" from the other tuner. Otherwise we can not code you flasher to be V.PT partner. Check out our shop for more info and explore all our products.

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